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Little Sponsors

Become One of Our Little Sponsors in Hong Kong

What is Little Sponsor?

Little Sponsors is specifically designed for children and parents in Hong Kong to sign up for Child Sponsorship together. It allows your children to grow up together while helping children in need living in other parts of the world.

Child Sponsorship unites the support of all Little Sponsors and Sponsors in Hong Kong to care for needy children around the world. Kid donor programmes in Hong Kong are a great way to provide communities with a suitable living environment. By helping these children gain access to education, they can lead a healthy life, develop with confidence and pursue their dreams.
We will match each Little Sponsor with a child sharing the same month of birth. Each Little Sponsor will receive a profile with a photo of the sponsored child and an annual progress report, through which you will find out how your donations are transforming the living environment of your sponsored child, his/her family and community, and enabling sustainable development to take place. Through correspondences or even visits, you will be able to form a special and fulfilling bond and be a blessing for one another.

How Does Child Sponsorship Work?

With your regular donations and continued support for Child Sponsorship through programmes like Little Sponsors, World Vision Hong Kong assesses the needs of identified communities to ensure all charity donations are contributed to the children in need and their communities. To ensure our work can be implemented effectively to tackle issues from their root causes, we work closely with the local community and government to lay out approximately a 15-year Area Development Programme that benefits children and families. We serve kids and parents alike in a community with a holistic plan to ensure our impact as a charity is sustainable and long-lasting.

When the originally poor community becomes more established and is capable of leading its own development, we will gradually transfer the ownership of our work to local partners and move onto other communities in need.

Little Sponsors will receive…

By becoming a Little Sponsor, you will receive a profile of the sponsored child, a sponsor handbook and a certificate of appreciation. As a kid donor in Hong Kong, we encourage you to join our Sponsor activities to learn more about Child Sponsorship.

In addition, to learn and practise sharing in life, you may encourage your family and friends to donate instead of giving birthday gifts to you. Your act of charity will help kids in need through World Vision and make your birthday more meaningful.
*Note: World Vision will inform you the details by mail a month before your month of birth as stated in the registration form.

Become a Little Sponsor and take part in a child's transformation!  

By becoming a kid donor and supporting a charity in Hong Kong, you can bring life-transforming changes to children in need and their communities and witness their growth!

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