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Sponsorship Journey
‐ Join us to support a child

Welcome to the World Vision Child Sponsorship Family!

When you sign up for Child Sponsorship, you support and transform more than one life. Apart from being the sponsor of a child in need, you will also create lasting change in his/her community as you cultivate a special relationship with him/her. We believe that this is the best way to make real change, as we can help create a self-sufficient community that does not only rely on child sponsorship programmes. Our Child Sponsorship programme gives an authentic, unique and extraordinary experience like nothing else.

At World Vision, we believe in fostering ongoing and unique friendships with sponsored children. For the children, knowing that someone from another part of the world actually cares and values their lives is undoubtedly an irreplaceable contribution. The child you sponsor will benefit from this relationship in more ways than strictly monetary benefits. For the sponsors, witnessing their support contribute to each sponsored child's education, growth and development throughout the years is a profoundly rewarding experience. Writing, sending gifts or making a visit to the child you sponsor puts a huge smile on their face. All of these can make a huge difference to the child you sponsor, and we at World Vision are here to be the bridge.

May your sponsorship journey be filled with much joy and many blessings!

What will you get as a Child Sponsor?

Know your sponsored child

  • Receive child photo, information and sponsor handbook
  • Stay connected with your sponsored child
  • Join our New Sponsor Orientation

Witness the growth of your child and his/her community

  • Receive child's Annual Progress Report along with his/her recent photo
  • Join our Sponsor Gatherings
  • Visit your sponsored child

Stay in touch with the world

  • Subscribe to Vision Voice (our English newsletter)
  • Follow us on Facebook
  • Receive our latest updates

Take a look at the development of your sponsored child's community

  • Learn about the existing needs when programme begins
  • Find out more about the community and its progress through videos, photos and articles
Know your sponsored child's community

Stay connected with your sponsored child

Writing to your child

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Sending festive cards to your child

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Sending gifts to your child

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Visiting your sponsored child

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Activities for Child Sponsors

Sponsor Gatherings

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New Sponsor Orientation

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World Vision Tours

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Macau Sponsors' Activities

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