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Nepalese Women with Unlimited Potential

2015/10/01/Supporter Tour

Women and children are often oppressed and neglected in poor developing regions. However, women usually have stronger commitment to the family than other members. Bono, a Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, once said, “Give a man a fish, and he'll eat for a day. Give a woman microcredit, and she, her husband, her children, and her extended family will eat for a lifetime.” World Vision Nepal understands this idea and has been driving various projects on women, education and sanitation, in order to benefit children in the long run. The first supporter tour from Hong Kong arrived at Nepal in August and witnessed how changes become possible through World Vision's work.

Female Power in Small Village
“Give a man a fish, and he'll eat for a day. Give a woman microcredit, and she, her husband, her children, and her extended family will eat for a lifetime.”
Bono, a Nobel Peace Prize Nominee
Child marriage deprives girls of education opportunity. Through a wall-painting, World Vision spreads the message of “Stop Child Marriage” in the community.

Female Power in Small Village

In a visit to the Women Group in the village, a few ladies, dressed in white Tharu dresses, smiled and whispered to each other looking at the new comers. Then, they came to a sponsor and helped wrapped her in a Tharu dress with a white fabric. Language barrier did not put off their enthusiasm to welcome these foreigners, instead they showed their warm hospitality.

During the gathering, members of the Women Group told us that they did not receive much respect at home and had to depend on men financially for living-essentials because of traditional norms. Ever since micro-credit has been introduced to them, they have had sufficient funds to purchase daily necessities, gained knowledge on financial management and skills on bookkeeping and accounting. They have also realised that education is important to children. Today, financial conditions of families have improved, so as the well-being of children. One of the women was very glad that she and her family has become a successful example, and has since been promoting the micro-credit scheme to other women in the village so that they could benefit as well.

Studious Children Take Advantage of Every Opportunity

Many Nepalese Children know English and would use it to communicate with foreigners. Throughout the trip, wherever our tour group go, at school, community centre, or on the road, children would come chat with us excitedly in English. Despite only knowing simple phrases to communicate, from their contented expressions, we could see that they treasure every chance to learn and practise, especially chances to connect with the outside world.

Through sponsors' support, World Vision was able to launch different projects in Nepal, for example rebuilding schools, providing school facilities, offering learning materials and trainings to students and teachers. The biggest motivation behind our work is seeing children enjoying and benefitting from education.

It is more significant to strengthen people's confidence and capacity through trainings than simply providing material support, so that they could grasp every opportunity in life and build their own future.

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