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Knowledge rewrites the future

2015/09/01/Supporter Tour

A tour group of 16 visited Cambodia and witnessed villagers' perseverance to learn and improve their lives. Little children, elderly, men and women are all doing their best to advance themselves with knowledge in schools, health centres and in the fields. They are all using what they have learned to contribute to the community.

Confidence for broaden horizons

Youth leaders showed their impressive social skills and leadership when they interacted with visitors. In a video, teenagers share about their dreams and lives. The video is produced and edited by the teenagers themselves, who received leadership training. They talked about their goals with strong conviction and determination to achieve their dreams!

Children perform traditional dance to welcome sponsors from Hong Kong.
World Vision work is very community-oriented, like setting up youth leaders group and women group. Besides provision of external resources, using local resources are encouraged so as to build community ownership.
World Vision works together with local churches to promote hygiene awareness and practices among children. During the visit, children demonstrate how to wash their hands.

On the other hand, villagers dressed up to greet the foreign visitors. They shared excitedly with sponsors about their improved farming skills. When sponsors asked questions, villagers tried their best to answer. Agricultural training and the provision of seeds and tools have helped farmers to increase their productivity, also have empowered them to become self-reliant.

Enhanced knowledge for long-term development

Basic infrastructure and capacity building of the local people are essential to community development. Villagers are empowered with their knowledge, skills and increase resources for long-term development. World Vision partners with local education centre and set up internet access for children, as well as providing English and computer lessons. On the day of the visit, some students came into the centre to do their homework as usual because the atmosphere helped them to concentrate on their study.

Witnessing changes with their own eyes

During a visit to a local family, the host showed her hospitality to sponsors by cooking lunch with fresh vegetables taken from her home garden. She no longer worries about every day meals. She is thankful for World Vision, because of the impact of their work to her community. Staff came to teach children English after a whole-day of work. And the training has improved their planting skills that they have become self-reliant and could support their children to go to university.

On the last day, sponsors went to another village with World Vision staff and conducted needs assessment. We saw broken houses, kitchens with no food, and malnourished children. Yet, after the trip we believe that there is hope in development and change. Soon the people of this village will become self-sufficient and tell others about their transformation.

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