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A Journey of Love to Africa

2016/03/15/Sponsor Stories

Lots of Hong Kong people enjoy traveling, and to Sandy it is about having a unique experience. "The world is big and I want to explore more about lives of others through experiencing their cultures," says Sandy. "I would really like to meet my sponsored child and get to know her life." Because of this, Sandy planned and paid a trip to visit her sponsored child, Nitanga, in Burundi, Africa.

It took over 20 hours of traveling from Hong Kong, with transit flight in Thailand to Kenya then to Burundi, and a half-day drive to the town where Nitanga lives. After some rest, Sandy finally got to meet Nitanga on the next day. "It is incredible to see her in person instead of photographs!" Sandy remembers.

"I met Nitanga and her family and her mother gave me two woven baskets as gifts.
Besides gaining knowledge, school is a place where children learn to connect and build relationships with others. For Nitanga, even though it is a one-hour walk from home, she insists going to school every day, with a determined heart to learn."
Nitanga's parents are farmers of a small land. The little produce made them difficult to make a living and struggle to support their children's education. The government of Burundi made primary education mandatory for all school-age children in 2007.

The initial responses were positive and overwhelming, but later many children dropped out of school because they could not afford uniforms and school materials. World Vision started Area Development Programme in Nitanga's community, and their lives have improved significantly. Children can also attend school.

Sandy first began to help the impoverished through World Vision China Partners, and she had been to Guizhou. Later, she became a sponsor and visited her sponsored child in Cambodia. "Every trip has helped me to understand more about the needs and situation of the poor. I am confident that education can change a child's future and unleash their potential." Sandy says. "I will never forget the friendly smiles and greetings of the children I saw on my trips. They remind me of innocence, simplicity and modesty!"

Sandy concludes, "I first thought the money I contributed were only for my sponsored child and her family. But when I witnessed the impact of World Vision's work, I realised every little bit of our contribution is a huge support to the overall development of their community!"

Sandy pays a trip to visit her sponsored child, Nitang, in Burundi, Africa. It is an incredible and memorable experience! Nitanga's mother hugs Sandy tightly expressing her gratitude of Sandy's support. "Parents used to think that it is a waste and burden for young children to go to school. Thanks to World Vision, children are sponsored and they have hope for the future!" says Nitanga's mother.

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