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Sending gifts to your child

Your greetings and support to your sponsored child, as expressed in letters, are already the best gift of all!

If you would like to send gifts to your child, please note the following:

  • Do not send bulky or expensive gifts (your gift should fit into an A5 envelope) as this may stir jealousy among children, and will increase the administrative and handling costs
  • Avoid gifts with religious messages because sponsored children are from culturally different backgrounds. E.g. pigs are regarded as unclean by Muslims, so any gifts with images of pigs to children in Muslim countries should be avoided
  • Please mark your sponsored child's name and ID number, as well as your name and partner number on the gift
  • If you write in English, please send the letter and gifts directly to the corresponding World Vision office in your child's country (click here to read the relevant addresses)
  • If you write in Chinese, please send the letter and gifts to our Hong Kong Office for translation. We will help you divert them to the office in your child's country
  • To protect your privacy, do not disclose your contact details, such as address, email or phone number(s), in the letters

Recommended gifts


Birthday cards





Gifts to avoid




Second-hand items*

Watches or other
electronic products*

Fabric products
( applied to DR Congo only )

*Some countries have import restrictions and impose high taxes on these goods