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  • Child Sponsorship
    Change for Every Child

    It's about transforming lives: children are supported, their entire community
    is empowered, while sponsors are blessed with joy!                                        
  • Sponsor a Child
    with just HK$9 a Day
  • Create Lasting Changes
    for Children and
    Their Communities

How Does Your Child Sponsorship Change Their World?

With a charitable donation of just HK$9 a day, you can bring life-transforming changes to needy children and their communities. 

By making a charitable donation and sponsoring a child, you'll help support and bring hope to a child from an impoverished community, where they are most vulnerable to crises. 

If you choose World Vision as the organization in Hong Kong that you will make charitable donations to and sponsor a child with, you will receive a profile and progress reports of your child. Through letters or even personal visits, you can build and cultivate a friendship and witness the growth of your sponsored child! Help empower and offer hope to vulnerable children with your charitable donation and support today.






What is Child Sponsorship?

Child Sponsorship is not just an ordinary charity programme where you simply make a charitable donation once and forget about it. By making donations to a child through organizations like World Vision in Hong Kong, a unique journey is made that connects and transforms two people across the world. With your regular charitable donations and continued support for Child Sponsorship, World Vision can contribute to the most fragile areas in the world. We work closely with local communities and governments to implement an approximately 15-year Area Development Programme (ADP) that brings sustainable and long-lasting benefits to children and families.

When the originally poor community becomes more established and can lead its own development, we gradually transfer the ownership of our work to local partners. This way, our resources and your charitable donations are used exactly where they are needed the most.

Little Sponsors

Sign up for Child Sponsorship with your children.
Let them become good Little Sponsors and bless children in need!

World Vision Hong Kong's charity program, Child Sponsorship supports
over 100 ADPs in more than 20 countries around the world,
transforming the lives of over 200,000 sponsored children.

Start your sponsorship journey today! Sponsor Now