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  • Empower a Child and the Community
    to break free from Poverty


How may you help Poor Children and the Communities through CHILD SPONSORSHIP?

Through Child Sponsorship programme, World Vision pools the donations of all sponsors into Area Programmes that help sponsored children, their families and community members. We survey the communities where sponsored children live to identify the root causes of poverty and particular needs of each community, before mapping out and running a unique Area Programme alongside community members. Area Programmes include works of various sectors, like education, water, health, child protection and livelihoods, that can improve children's growth environment and empower community members to be resilient, that they would become self-sustainable and be free from the poverty trap.

When you sponsor a child, you will receive photos, profiles and progress reports that inform you how your sponsored child and the community have been empowered. It is more than just making a charitable donation to a charity. With Child Sponsorship, you can stay in touch with your sponsored child through letters and even personal visits, which enable your sponsored child to feel loved and cared for, and thrive with your support.

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Empowerment is the most effective way out of poverty

Directly giving money and supplies to sponsored children is not a sustainable and effective way to help them out of poverty. It may also cause divisions or slow down the progress of development, because poverty is a consequence of a lack of resources in the community as a whole.

Our 70 years of development experience has taught us that empowering children and their communities to stand on their own two feet is the best way to make real and lasting change. Therefore, we work closely with community members to implement an approximately 15-year Area Programme, in order to improve sponsored children's growth environment and offer children a chance to thrive.

When the community becomes more established and empowered to lead its own development, we will gradually transfer the ownership of our community development work to local partners and move on to another community in need. This way, we can maximise the impact of your charitable donations and bless more lives.

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Little Sponsors

Sign up for Child Sponsorship with your children.
Let them become good Little Sponsors and bless children in need!

Bless and be blessed

Project Achievement Reports (2024)

2024/05/01 項目成果報告
Thanks to the support from our sponsors over the years, 7 Area Programmes have been completed in 2024, providing a sustainable living environment for sponsored children.
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As an international relief and development non-profit organisation,
World Vision Hong Kong makes good use of sponsors' donations to support
over 100 APs in more than 20 countries around the world,
transforming the lives of sponsored children.
Donations also benefit their families and other children in their communities.

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