Activities for Child Sponsors


People in the same camp have a lot to share with one another. World Vision child sponsors, through joining the following gatherings, meet to understand more about their contributions in the development of their children and the community, and share the joy of sponsorship.

New Sponsor Orientations

    This is specially designed for new child sponsors. You can learn more about the operation of our child sponsorship programme and how to communicate with your sponsored child.

即將舉行的聚會:The upcoming gatherings (conducted in Cantonese):
日期: Date:
26 Jan 2018 (Fri)
28 Feb 2018 (Wed)
28 Mar 2018 (Wed)
26 Jan 2018 (Fri)
28 Feb 2018 (Wed)
28 Mar 2018 (Wed)
時間:Time: 7:15 – 8:30pm
地點:Venue: World Vision Hong Kong, 1/F, Mayfair Centre, 4 Anchor Street, Tai Kok Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
  • Brief introduction on World Vision
  • Details about how the Child Sponsorship Programme works
  • Guidelines on how to communicate with sponsored children
  • Suitable for new sponsors who have joined the Child Sponsorship Programme for less than one year
  • This programme is conducted in Cantonese


Connect with your child


Sponsorship enriches the life of your sponsored child as well as yours, and there
are different ways to cultivate this special relationship.
May your sponsorship journey be filled with joy and blessings!


Writing to Your Child


Can you imagine how happy your child is to receive your letters?
Your child loves to hear from you and understand you more.
Your words of care will bring him/her big encouragement.

You can send your letter through mail or e-mail. Please be patient while waiting for your child’s
reply as it takes time for translation and delivery. If you do not receive any reply 4 months after
you have sent your letter, you can contact us for follow-up.
  • 不妨選張美麗的信箋,貼上可愛的貼紙,又或寄上照片,提及家庭和生活的趣。
  • 關心一下孩子的家庭、學校、喜愛科目及興趣等,並寫些關懷鼓勵的字句
Getting Started:
  • Choose some nice letter papers and cute stickers for your child! Tell him/her about your family or everyday life and share a photo of yourself
  • Invite your child to share about his/her family, school life, favourite subjects and hobbies; write words of encouragement
注意事項: For your attention:
你可下載我們為你預備的信箋紙: You can download our tailor-made letterhead:



  • 甚麼是「助養兒童計劃」?「助養兒童計劃」怎樣改善助養孩子的生活?What is World Vision Child Sponsorship? How do sponsored children benefit from the programme?
    • 「助養兒童計劃」集合所有愛心助養者的力量,一起關懷世界上貧困兒童的情況,讓他們能擁有適切的成長環境,有機會接受教育和升學,健康成長,進而發展自我,向理想邁進。在助養過程中,助養者與孩子會建立一對一的關係,生命彼此祝福和得著轉化。

      Child Sponsorship offers a way to understand and respond to the needs of poor children around the world. The pooled contributions of child sponsors help provide children in need with access to a sustainable living environment, education opportunities, and a chance to develop their potential and pursue their dreams! In the one to one child-sponsor relationship, the lives of sponsors and sponsored children can be blessed and transformed.

      To tackle the root causes of poverty requires more than a single solution. World Vision will assess the needs of identified communities and work with them to lay out an approximately 15-year Area Development Programme (ADP) that focuses on things like: food and agriculture, water and sanitation, healthcare, education, economic development, and love and protection. Community members will be mobilised and empowered to play an active role during the development process, so that in the long-run, they will be able to sustain the progress and enjoy a better living.
  • 每月HK$270 的助養捐款中,有多少會直接給予我的助養孩子?How much of my donation of HK$270 actually goes to my sponsored child?
    • 單純給予只會造成依賴。協助社區自立,才是發展工作的最終目標。所以助養者的捐款不只惠及一個孩子或他的家庭,而是聯同其他助養者的捐款,發展孩子身處的社區,令生活環境得到長遠改善及可持續發展,而非單單應付一個孩子的需要。


      Development isn’t just about giving because that might encourage unhealthy dependence. The ultimate goal should be to help community achieve self-reliance. Therefore, instead of supporting a single child or his/her family, your monthly sponsorship donation will be combined with other sponsors’ donation to support the overall community development, bringing sustainable and long-term improvement rather than meeting individual needs.

      For example, instead of buying water for children, we work with community to build and maintain water facilities so that they can enjoy water sustainably.

      Your sponsored children will benefit from the entire community development through areas including education, nutrition, clean water, healthcare, economic development, and love and protection.
  • 哪些兒童會獲登記成為助養兒童?How does a child get sponsored?
    • 宣明會在社區領袖及村民的協助下,安排區內最有需要的兒童接受助養,並會闡述助養計劃的運作。當孩子接受助養,他的兄弟姊妹、區內其他孩子及家庭亦能受惠其中。例如當區內興建了水井及診所時,每個居民都可以飲用清潔食水及享用醫療保健服務。With the help of community leaders and villagers, World Vision identifies the most vulnerable and needy children in the area and fully explains how Child Sponsorship works. When a child is sponsored, his or her brothers and sisters, and all the children and families of the community will also enjoy the benefits. For example, everyone can enjoy clean drinking water and medical care with a new well and a health clinic in a sponsored child’s community.
  • 在同一社區內,助養孩子與非助養孩子有何分別?What is the difference between sponsored and non-sponsored children of the same community?
    • 宣明會看重每名兒童的福祉,故致力協助社區裏每名兒童都能茁壯成長。「助養兒童計劃」透過與村民一同制訂及推行適切社區的發展計劃,令孩子及其家庭和社區的生活環境得到長遠改善,持續發展。故此,在同一社區內,助養與非助養兒童都一同受惠於社區的發展。

      As a child-focused organisation, World Vision strives to ensure the well-being of children and help them flourish and experience fullness of life. Through Child Sponsorship, World Vision works with local community to lay out and implement suitable programmes for the long term benefits of all members. Therefore, every child within the same community will benefit from the Area Development Programme.

      The major difference between sponsored and non-sponsored children is that in the one to one child-sponsor relationship, sponsored children feel supported, loved and valued by their sponsors. There exists a mutual life transformation. In addition, World Vision staff visit sponsored children regularly, monitoring their progress in terms of growth, health and education in order to provide appropriate help. Sponsors will also receive annual reports about their children’s progress.
  • 為甚麼相片中的助養孩子有時看來衣著光鮮?Why do the children sometimes appear well dressed in their photos?
    • 助養孩子的相片未必反映他們的真正需要,因為當助養孩子的家人知道相片是寄給遠方的助養者,便會穿上家中、甚至借來最好看的衣服給孩子拍照,以展露孩子最美麗的一面,這亦反映他們對助養者的重視。A single photo can’t fully reflect their needs. When families of sponsored children know the photos will be sent to sponsors, they will make sure their children look their best for photo-taking, even if it means borrowing clothes from neighbours or relatives. This also reflects their respect for the sponsors.
  • 助養一名孩子的年期需要多久?我可否終止助養?For how long do I sponsor a child? Can I discontinue my sponsorship?
    • 助養多久要視乎項目發展的進度,一般為期約15年,但亦會視乎孩子的個別因素,例如當孩子完成學業、結婚、搬離項目地區*或家庭經濟好轉等情況時,助養便會終止。我們會以書面通知你,同時為你安排接續助養另一位有需要的孩子。如希望另作安排,請與我們聯絡。


      The duration varies according to the progress of the ADP, which typically lasts for around 15 years. However, changes in a child’s circumstances may also affect the duration. For instance, your sponsorship will end when your child finishes school, gets married, moves out of the community*, or when his or her family has achieved a better living. In these cases, we will give you a written notification and transfer your sponsorship to another child in need. Please contact us should you prefer other arrangements.

      *Some sponsored children may leave the community temporarily for specific reasons. To avoid losing their sponsorship, World Vision’s field staff will monitor their situations for six months and notify the child sponsor when their status can be confirmed. Donations received during the period will be used to support the development projects in the child’s community.

      Under any circumstances that you would like to discontinue your sponsorship, please contact our Donor Services Department for sponsorship termination. We will try to find another sponsor for the child as soon as possible. In this case, we wish you will become a sponsor again one day as your sponsorship is very important to sponsored children.
  • 成為助養者後,我會從宣明會或助養孩子收到甚麼? As a child sponsor, what will I receive from World Vision or my sponsored child?
    • 當你登記成為助養者,我們會寄上孩子的資料冊,其後你會收到孩子的自我介紹信;而助養滿一年後,你會收到周年進度報告,當中包括孩子的近照、基本成長狀況及其社區發展情況。此外,你亦會收到「助養兒童計劃」年度工作報告,總結上年度的整體工作成效。

      When you become a child sponsor, we will send you an information kit about your sponsored child, including his or her photo and basic personal details. Later, you will receive an introduction letter from your sponsored child. After a year of sponsorship, an annual progress report with your child’s recent photo, growth progress, and community development updates will be sent to you. In addition, you will get a Child Sponsorship annual report summarising the overall achievement of Child Sponsorship in the last financial year.

      You can learn more about the entire Sponsorship Journey here.
  • 助養孩子會回信給我嗎?Does my sponsored child write back?
    • 會的。當助養孩子收到你的信件,定很欣喜和珍惜,他∕她也樂意回信給你。然而,由於信件要經過本會職員翻譯及審閱,加上助養孩子大多生活在郵遞服務並不完善的偏遠地區,信件需由宣明會工作人員親自派送,故回信一般需時三至四個月才可到達你手中。Yes. Children are delighted to hear from their sponsors and will write back. Since most children live in remote areas where postal systems are not well developed, and the translation, verification and delivery of letters are all handled by our office, it may take three to four months for your sponsored child's letter to reach your hands.
  • 我可否探望我的助養孩子? Can I visit my sponsored child?
    • 可以的。宣明會定期舉行支持者探訪團,讓助養者到貧困國家親身視察本會工作及了解當地人民的需要。倘若你的助養孩子居於到訪地區,我們會盡量為你安排與孩子見面。探訪團之最新詳情,請留意此處
      • 為保障探訪者和助養孩子的安全及私隱,探訪者須於出發前簽署承諾遵守本會的「探訪者守則」。
      • 查詢有關守則,請與我們的捐助服務主任聯絡。
      Yes. World Vision organises supporter tours regularly for donors to see our work and understand community needs, and for sponsors to visit their sponsored children in the country where they live. For details, please click here.

      You can also visit your sponsored child by yourself. Since most sponsored children live in remote areas with limited communications, please contact our Donor Services Department at least three months before departure to allow better visit arrangements with the field office.

      • To ensure the privacy and safety of sponsors and sponsored children, all sponsors are required to sign an agreement to comply with our Visitors’ Guidelines.
      • Please contact our Donor Service Officer for enquiries.
  • 我可否寄禮物或現金給助養孩子? Can I send a parcel or cash to my sponsored child?
    • 問候和關懷是給孩子最好的禮物,鼓勵你多寫信給孩子。如你仍希望寄送禮物給孩子,你可以寄一些輕巧實用的禮物,如文具、書簽、明信片等,但為避免引起助養孩子及親友互相比較或產生嫉妒,加上許多國家有入口條例限制及徵收高昂稅款,切勿郵寄手錶、電子產品、首飾、衣物、食品及現金等禮物。(送禮物注意事項)

      Your greetings and support to your sponsored child, as expressed in letters, are already the best gift of all! If you would like to send gifts to your child, small gifts such as stationery, bookmarks, and postcards are suggested. However, please do not send cash or expensive gifts, e.g. watches, electronic goods, jewellery, cash and food, because this may create jealousy and unnecessary conflicts amongst children and their friends and relatives. Also, many developing countries have import restrictions and impose high tax on these goods. (Points to note when sending gifts)

      In fact, your monthly donation has already provided your child with essential necessities through the Area Development Programme.
  • 我的助養捐款可否申請扣減稅項?我會否收到捐款收據? Are my donations eligible for tax deductions? Do I get a receipt for each donation?
    • 香港世界宣明會是香港特別行政區政府認可的慈善團體,故助養者的捐款是可以用作申請扣減稅項的。為鼓勵公眾捐款予認可慈善團體,特區政府將慈善捐款的最高免稅額制定為應評稅入息或利潤的百分之三十五。



      World Vision Hong Kong is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) and tax-exempt charity of the HKSAR Government.

      So, yes, your donations are tax-deductible. To encourage charitable donations, the HKSAR Government exempts up to 35% of assessable income or profits on approved charitable donations

      With our official receipts, child sponsors in Macau can also enjoy tax deductions according to the tax ordinance of the Macau SAR Government.

      Receipts are issued for all donations. In order to reduce administration costs and better utilise our resources, an annual receipt listing the total donations in the past fiscal year will be issued to Hong Kong and Macau child sponsors and donors every April and January respectively.
  • 有關「助養兒童計劃」每月捐款調整About Child Sponsorship rate adjustment
  • 為何「助養兒童計劃」的每月捐款需要由HK$240提高至HK$270? What drives the adjustment of Child Sponsorship monthly rate from HK$240 to HK$270?
    • 物價?升,令貧困家庭百上加斤。在發展中國家,通貨膨脹尤其厲害,例如非洲肯尼亞和印度,在2011年至2014年,累積通脹都上升超過40%(資料來源:世界銀行)宣明會目前在社區推行的發展工作,亦因為物價上升受到廣泛影響;同一筆捐款的購買力,已經大不如前。


      Rising inflation continues to add great pressure on the poor. Inflation in developing countries has been rising steadily – for example, in India and Kenya, the cumulative inflation rate was over 40% from 2011 to 2014 (Source: World Bank).World Vision’s community development work are also affected by the increasing commodity prices as the purchasing power of the same amount of donation decreasing.

      Therefore, we are adjusting the monthly child sponsorship fee to cope with inflation and to sustain the work in our Area Development Programmes, so that impoverished children can have access to nutritious meals, clean water, education opportunities and healthcare. The additional funds will enable us to increase income generating activities among poor families and provide livelihood training that willhelp create a better and more sustainable futurefor children and the community.It will also allow additional resources for child health activities to reduce under-5 mortality and child malnourishment.

      Only HK$1 more a day (or HK$30 a month), we can efficiently reach the extremely poor and more children could grow up healthy.
  • 我怎樣知道「助養兒童計劃」調整捐款後,如何幫助我的助養孩子?How would I know that additional donations are used effectively to help my sponsored child?
    • 我們會因應獲得的資源重新調配項目及工作規模,以維持「區域發展項目」的成效;並會加強經濟發展項目以提升家庭收入,培訓村民謀生技能,讓助養孩子的生活環境持續有改善,而他們的家庭和社區亦可以自力更生,逐步脫貧;又加強社區在兒童健康成長項目的資源,減低孩子在五歲以下的死亡風險,及整體營養不良的情況。


      After processing all the rate adjustments, we will reallocate project resources and adjust project scales based on available resourcesto sustain our work in Area Development Programmes, as well as to increase income generating activities among poor families and provide livelihood training that willhelp create a better and more sustainable futurefor children and the community.It will also allow additional resources for child health activities to reduce under-5 mortality and child malnourishment.

      Each year, you will receive an Annual Progress Report from your sponsored child. You may refer to the section on community development for updates on how your child has benefited from community work.

      At the same time, we encourage you to write to your child both as a means to cultivate friendship and to understand how his/her life has improved. You are also welcome to visit your child in person and to learn more about World Vision's work, locally.
  • 我可否選擇維持「助養兒童計劃」的每月捐款HK$240?Do I have the option to keep my monthly sponsorship rate at HK$240?
    • 我們一定尊重助養者的意願,但亦希望與你分享孩子及前線工作人員所面對的困難。



      Yes. World Vision will respect your decision to keep your monthly rate unchanged, but we would also like to share with you the challenges faced by children and front-line staff.

      While inflation continue rising, the purchasing power of the same amount of donation is, in fact, decreasing. This has significantly affected the progress of our community development work, hence, World Vision has decided to adjust the monthly sponsorship rate to reduce the impact of inflationand sustain the work in our Area Development Programmes. The additional funds will enable us to increase income generating activities among poor families and provide livelihood training that eventually help create a better and more sustainable futurefor children and the community.It will also allow additional resources for child health activities to reduce under-5 mortality and child malnourishment.

      We cordially invite you to consider increasing your support by HK$1 a day (or HK$30 a month) so that we could efficiently reach the extremely poor and more children could grow up healthy.
  • 你們是否定期提高助養費?Does WVHK adjust Child Sponsorship monthly rate regularly?
    • 我們不會定期提高助養費,而是按需要。在發展中國家,通貨膨脹尤其厲害,例如非洲肯尼亞和印度,在2011年至2014年,累積通脹都上升超過40%。


      No. We adjust the Child Sponsorship monthly rate based on needs.Inflation in developing countries has been rising steadily – for example, in India and Kenya, the cumulative inflation rate was over 40% from 2011 to 2014.

      We have decided that a rate adjustment is necessary this time in view of the impact of high inflation on our Area Development Programmes. We see the need for this measure so that community development could be sustained. The additional funds will enable us to increase income generating activities among poor families and provide livelihood training that willhelp create a better and more sustainable futurefor children and the community.It will also allow additional resources for child health activities to reduce under-5 mortality and child malnourishment.

  • 今次需要加價,是否因為增加了行政費用?Is there an increase on administration cost that triggers the adjustment of the Child Sponsorship monthly rate?
    • 今次加價與行政費用並無關係。宣明會一直努力減低行政費用,謹慎運用捐款的每分每毫。以2016年度為例,香港宣明會總收入的93.3%善款直接投入救援及社區發展項目,行政開支只佔2.2%,籌款費用佔3.4%,教育推廣佔1.1%。

      No, the adjustment is not based on our administration cost. World Vision strives to keep the administration cost at lowest possible, making sure every dollar is well accounted for. In the 2016 financial year, 93.3% of our total income was allocated to global relief and community development programmes, while only 2.2% was spent on administration, 3.4% on fundraising, and 1.1% was used for public education.

      The rate adjustment will help relieve the impact of inflation and sustain our community development work. The additional funds will enable us to increase income generating activities among poor families and provide livelihood training that eventually help create a better and more sustainable futurefor children and the community.It will also allow additional resources for child health activities to reduce under-5 mortality and child malnourishment. The monthly rate adjustment will deliver influential support to your sponsored child and their community, and is irrelevant to administration cost.
  • 為保障孩子的私隱及安全,我可否於網上社交媒體或其他途徑分享孩子的資料? Can I share my sponsored child’s information through social media or other channels?
    • 我們歡迎助養者與親友分享助養的樂趣,推動更多人成為助養者。但基於保障孩子的私隱和安全,助養者於分享資料時請注意下列事項:
      ‧ 上載的照片必須端莊合宜,例如孩子不應衣不蔽體
      ‧ 不可提及兒童的姓氏、編號及地址
      ‧ 上載的照片不可標籤兒童所在的地理位置(geo-tagged),但可以標籤「區域發展項目」辦事處的位置
      ‧ 以電子、網絡或流動裝置儲存或傳送兒童的資料時,必須加設密碼保護

      We welcome all sponsors to share the joy of sponsorship and encourage more people to become child sponsors. However, please take note of the following to protect your sponsored child’s safety and privacy:
      ‧ The child must be adequately clothed in the shared photos
      ‧ Family name, sponsorship ID and location/address of the child should NOT be disclosed
      ‧ Uploaded child photos should NOT be geo-tagged to the precise locations of sponsored child
      ‧ Storage and transmission of the child’s personal information using internet, mobile devices, or other electronic means should be password-protected
      You are invited to conduct a fun quiz to understand how you can keep your sponsored child safe online.